Questions and answers

Why are online parcels especially welcome?

Thanks to your donation, urgently needed products can be bought in the target country, things the recipients really need. While at the same time, we support the local economy. And also avoid long transport routes across Europe and time-consuming bureaucratic hurdles. Online parcels are therefore much more economical and environmentally friendly. And they enable us to meet the actual needs of vulnerable people.

Which countries will receive aid from my online parcel?

In cooperation with the National Red Cross Societies in Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan, the Swiss Red Cross can use your donation to buy basic essentials, such as foodstuffs, toiletries or heating materials, and distribute them to people in need.

Who will I be helping with my online parcel?

Your online parcel will help vulnerable people in need. These include the elderly and the sick, single parents and their children, and a range of other people who are less fortunate in life. Thanks to your donations, the Red Cross can help them directly with food and other basic necessities.

When can I donate an online parcel?

2 x Christmas online parcels can be donated all year round: online parcel

When can I send my parcel donation?

The 26th campaign is due to start on 24 December 2022 and will run until 11 January 2023. During the campaign you can hand in your unaddressed parcel marked '2 x Christmas' at any post office and it will be delivered free of charge to the Swiss Red Cross.

Can I have my parcel picked up at my home?

Yes, from 24 December to 11 January, you can ask the post office to pick up your 2 x Christmas parcel from your home free of charge. Simply register your parcel at https://www.post.ch/2xweihnachten and the post office pick@home service will come and collect it.

What can I put in my parcel?

Please only fill your parcel with non-perishable foodstuffs or toiletries and other hygiene products. Foodstuffs must have a shelf-life of at least six months. The ideal hygiene products are deodorant, body lotion, face cream, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Baby food is also in great demand, along with tea, sugar, cooking oil, rice and flour.

What is the maximum size and weight of a 2 x Christmas parcel?

Maximum size: 100 x 60 x 60 cm
Maximum weight: 30 kg

In which Coop outlets can I buy the 2 x Christmas donor parcels?

In all Coop Megastores and select Coop City department stores:

Coop City Coop City Aarau, Coop City Basel Gerbergasse, Coop City Basel Pfauen, Coop City Bern Ryfflihof, Coop City Fribourg, Coop City Genève Fusterie, Coop City Lausanne Au Centre, Coop City Olten, Coop City Sion, Coop City Winterthur, Coop City Zug, Coop City Zürich Bellevue, Coop City Zürich St. Annahof

Coop Megastores Aarau Telli, Affoltern am Albis, Allaman Littoral Centre, Bachenbülach, Basel Spalemärt, Bassecourt, Bern Wankdorf, Biberist, Biel/Bienne Bahnhof/Gare, Biel/Bienne Boujean, Bulle le Carô, Canobbio Ipermercato Resega, Carouge La Praille, Châtel-St-Denis, Chaux-de-Fonds Entilles, Chur Quader, Chur West, Collombey, Conthey Bassin, Crissier, Dielsdorf, Dietikon Silbern, Dietlikon Center, Egerkingen Gäupark, Feuerthalen Rhymarkt, Frauenfeld Schlosspark, Frenkendorf, Frick, Genève Eaux-Vives, Haag, Heimberg Center, Hinwil Center, Kaiseraugst, Kreuzlingen Karrussell, Kriens Pilatusmarkt, La Chaux-de-Fonds Eplatures Centre, Langenthal Tell, Laupen, Losone Ipermercato Cattori, Martigny Cristal, Matran Centre, Mels Pizolcenter, Montagny-près-Yverdon, Münchenstein Gartenstadt, Netstal Wiggispark, Neuchâtel Maladière, Oberwil Mühlematt, Oftringen Perry Center, Onex, Pfäffikon SZ Seedamm, Reinach AG, Rickenbach, Schenkon, Schönbühl Center, Seewen-Markt, Signy Centre, St. Gallen Gallusmarkt K., St. Gallen Shopping Arena, St. Moritz, Vernier Blandonnet, Vich, Villars-sur-Glâne, Visp Eyholz Center, Volketswil Volkiland, Weinfelden Thurmarkt, Wettingen Tägipark, Winterthur Grüzemarkt, Würenlingen Aarepark, Zürich Eleven, Zürich Letzipark, Zürich Sihlcity Supermarkt

Will my parcel be forwarded directly to someone in need?

No, every year hundreds of volunteers come to the Swiss Red Cross Logistics Centre in Wabern near Bern to unpack all the parcels received. The goods are sorted and packed up for delivery to the Red Cross cantonal associations that take charge of distributing the foodstuffs and toiletries to vulnerable people. Some cantonal associations distribute the goods to social institutions that aid people in need in Switzerland.

Apart from donations, are there any other ways to support the 2 x Christmas campaign?

You can volunteer to help sort the goods donated. Hundreds of people volunteer each year to help out in the SRC Logistics Centre in Wabern near Bern or at their local cantonal associations.

How can companies take part in the 2 x Christmas campaign?

Any company can donate online parcels or postal parcels. Or it can enable its employees to lend a hand sorting the items received at the SRC Logistics Centre in Wabern near Bern or at the local cantonal association. These voluntary groups of employees can be organized with the Swiss Red Cross or your local Red Cross cantonal association.

Which social institutions receive goods donated in the 2 x Christmas campaign?

The Swiss Red Cross cantonal associations give some of the donated goods to social institutions. For example, women's shelters, homes for abused children, refugee shelters or poverty centres.

Why does the Red Cross only collect toiletries and food with a long shelf life?

These are everyday necessities that can relieve the budgets of the poor the most.

Where can I get in touch if I think I should get a parcel?

Articles donated to the 2 x Christmas campaign will be distributed through the SRC cantonal associations. Please contact your local cantonal association directly if you have any questions about how they are distributed in your area.

To the cantonal associations

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.