Thank you for your generous donations.

The 20th 2xChristmas campaign collected a total of 66,000 gift parcels in winter 2016/2017. Distribution throughout Switzerland and in eastern Europe has started at the end of January.

As many as 64,000 gift parcels were sent in by post or handed in directly at the SRC over the holiday season for the 2xChristmas campaign. An additional 500 parcels were ordered through the new Coop@home platform and delivered directly by Coop to the SRC.

The 20th campaign saw a significant shift in practice: fewer physical parcels and significantly more virtual parcels were donated. As many as 1,800 virtual parcels, for a total value of CHF 200,000 were ordered and paid for over the internet. This money will be used to buy foodstuffs in eastern Europe (Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Bulgaria) where they will be distributed by the local National Red Cross Societies. This enables us to save money on some of the road transport costs across Europe.

The sponsors of the 2xChristmas campaign – SRG SSR, the Swiss Post Office and the Swiss Red Cross – thank all donors for their solidarity with vulnerable people.

The gift parcels delivered to the SRC has been opened by volunteers, and their contents sorted. In late January, we have started handing the goods over to cantonal associations in Switzerland and National Red Cross Societies in eastern Europe for distribution to vulnerable individuals and families or to social institutions.

The campaign once again received generous support from our main goods donor Coop, as well as Allianz Suisse, Credit Suisse and various other companies.

The 21st 2xChristmas campaign is due to start on Sunday 24 December 2017 and will run until Saturday 6 January 2018. From this campaign, the Coop will be the fourth company to join the 2xChristmas campaign sponsors.

Virtual parcels can still be donated at

Parcels being distributed in Armenia last year
Once again during the 2016/2017 campaign there were a lot of donations to be sorted. Photo: Frank Schwarzbach