For those who have less

For many people, Christmas is a time of excess, with sumptuous food and lots of presents. Others have very little, even at Christmas. The basic idea behind the «2 x Christmas» campaign is to share a bit of this excess with others.

Would you like to make someone in need especially happy this holiday season? You have three possibilities:

  • Buy a parcel online
  • drop your parcel at any Post Office near you
  • or have the post man come collect your parcel at home with pick@home

The Post transports the parcels to the Swiss Red Cross free of charge and volunteers sort the contents.

Learn more about what to put in your parcel.

The Swiss Red Cross organizes the distribution of the goods: One half goes to people in need in Switzerland, the other half is distributed abroad. In order to ensure that the goods arrive in the right hands at the right time, the entire distribution goes through Red Cross channels. Here you find out what happened to the donations.

The 20th «2 x Christmas» campaign starts on Saturday 24 December 2016 and will run until Saturday 7 January 2017.

Photo galleries from previous years