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Helping is a must

The 2 x Christmas campaign helps people in need. Give people affected by poverty in Switzerland a parcel containing food and hygiene products. From 24 December to 11 January, we will once again be accepting your parcels at any post office. You can also give an online parcel! Online parcels provide direct support for people in Armenia, Moldova, Bosnia & Herzegovina or Kyrgyzstan.

Faced with soaring prices and charges, many households are no longer able to make ends meet. And that’s driving the most vulnerable people into precariousness.

Abi Lbadaoui, Fribourg Red Cross, November 2022

I don’t know what the biggest challenge is. Everything’s a challenge. It’s particularly difficult to get enough food for my three children.

Rajko Veljić, father to three teenagers, March 2023

The faces of 2 x Christmas

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