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Together we send parcels of joy.

We celebrate 2 x Christmas. Give some joy this Christmas with an online parcel - it's quick and easy. Or drop a parcel off at the post office with urgently needed foodstuffs and toiletries. We will gratefully receive your parcels from 24 December 2018 to 11 January 2019.

Last year a mother came with her two children. She started to cry when she realized she wouldn't need to worry about what she could give them to eat at the end of the month.

Chantal Stähli, Red Cross Aargau, 2017

The Red Cross food aid programme enables me to have a hot meal every day during the winter.

Vera Banaga, 90, Moldova, 2018

Online parcels are especially welcome. They enable us to give vulnerable people the things they really need most. They avoid the long journey by lorry across Europe and the customs formalities. You can donate parcels all year round.

Over 50,000 parcels donated!

Last year the campaign received 48,300 parcels, including 1,700 virtual parcels worth CHF 210,000 and 600 coop@home parcels. The goods donated were more suitable than ever for the needs of those living in poverty.
We thank you for your solidarity!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Many different celebrities come and give us a hand for 2 x Christmas. In 2018 former Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter and his wife Friedrun Sabine Burkhalter volunteered to help sort the donations.
From January to mid-February hundreds of volunteers come to Wabern near Bern to unpack the donated parcels, sort the goods and prepare them for distribution throughout Switzerland.

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Behind the scenes

Hundreds of volunteers open the parcels, sort the contents and prepare the foodstuffs for distribution.

The idea of sharing gift parcels with others has something fascinating about it. There is real pleasure in giving to others.

Joos Sutter, CEO, Coop

The aim is to give something back to society.

Nubya, a singer from Basel

For more than 20 years, the 2 x Christmas campaign has been helping people in need.

Your donations help people in poverty in a tangible way:

  • Parcels containing foodstuffs and toiletries benefit people throughout Switzerland.
  • The donations from the online parcels will be used to buy foodstuffs and basic essentials for people in eastern Europe.

Pass on some of the Christmas joy and help others.