This is how your parcel helps

The 2 x Christmas campaign helps people in need. Postal and online parcels help people living in poverty in Switzerland, eastern Europe and Central Asia. For example, Christoph Ditzler in Basel or the Dominiković family in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aid in Switzerland

About 8% of the Swiss population lives in poverty. They have to get by on less than CHF 2,259 a month. The 2 x Christmas campaign helps them – either directly or through various aid institutions.

Christoph Ditzler in Basel: «Poverty is invisible»

«I always thought I'd find another job. But it never happened – the job market has never had anything to offer me. Now I'm 63 and in early retirement. I have to live on just CHF 1,300 a month. The Planet 13 project has given me a new unpaid job as a project manager. Planet 13 provides people living in poverty with free access to the internet. Nowadays, the internet is an essential way to stay part of society. For example, when you're looking for a job or a new home. You can't even notice that Planet 13 guests are poor. Poverty is invisible in Switzerland.»

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Planet 13

Planet 13 is one of the institutions supported by the 2 x Christmas campaign. The self-help project was developed by people living in poverty to help other people living in poverty or at risk.

Zekia Sheik Moussa in Basel: «Sometimes there's not enough money for food»

«I'm not happy just staying at home. It's important for me to go out to work. The Red Cross sewing workshop gives me this opportunity and cheers me up. I have to get by with very little money. When I go food shopping, I always compare prices and only buy the very cheapest products. Sometimes I have to borrow money from friends to make ends meet.»

Zekia Sheik Moussa regularly goes to the Red Cross sewing workshop in Kleinhüningen. The 2 x Christmas campaign parcels make life a little easier for Zekia Sheik Moussa and her family.

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Relief abroad

Online parcel donations help people living in poverty in Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are especially precious during the winter months. The Red Cross helps people who are particularly affected by the cold and living in precarious circumstances. They receive food parcels, hot meals or financial support so that they can afford to buy firewood and medicines.

The Nijemčević family in Šamac (Bosnia and Herzegovina): «Without the donations, I couldn't afford my medicines»

«There are people whose everyday lives are a struggle,» says Aleksandar Panic during a visit to the little village of Šamac. Ilija and Mukelefa Nijemčević are two of the people the Red Cross worker is talking about. The couple lives in a small two-room apartment. Sixty-five year-old Ilija can barely go out into the cold winter air because he suffers from chronic lung disease. He can only afford his medication thanks to the financial support from the Red Cross. «The cash payments enable people to buy what they need most, such as medicines», explains Aleksandar. But the visits from Red Cross volunteers are almost as important to Ilija and Mukelefa, who have no family living nearby. «That's what motivates me», says Aleksandar. «They are just so happy when I drop by and chat with them for a while.»

Ilija and Mukelefa Nijemčević

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